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Hot Damn I Love Holidays!

I lurv holidays……
What can I say,finished school and went to strathpine with mim and nathan, V for Vendetta wasnt on so we saw When a Stranger Calls, recommended if you do babysitting an like a scare. For those who don’t, its not scary (but then again I’v watched Wolf Creek, nothing is scary now….). At the end though, they give the guy a face! The girl has a fight with him! Silly director!
Anyways I’ve been having an awesome holiday, bludging an pizza…….mmmmmmmmmmm…..
That, and watching lotsa movies, swimming, bike riding, tryin to find a good costume place that sells super hero costume… And now the other half of the ppl out there suspect im psychotic too 😛
Had some mates over for the past few days, I don’t think they saw daylight for about 72 hours 😛 Twas thoroughly awesome tho, with many kills from behind and ducking the ensuing mobile phones being thrown at the perpetrator 😀
I must say though, I wasn’t aware that 4 people could consume so many kilos of soy crisps 😛
Jet Skiin on sunday , im going to try to get some mates to come with me, lemme know if youd like to come 😀
NB. No little sisters allowed :DGrade 11 last term was a bit of a kick up the backside, I shall have to really buckle down next term to get the grades that everyones been expectin of me.. no pressure
I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit of a dick lately, I have had alot of pressure that I havent been able to let off for a while, family stuff. Thankyou so much to everyone whos always been there for me though, through thick and thin.
I know angels exist, I got you as proof.
Sayonara, Chupacabra!
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Long time no blog :D

Woah, I haven’t changed this place for like over a month now
For possibly the first time ever, I kinda enjoy school now 😛
No idea why, probably all my awesome friends out there (you know who you are lol). Even when the school tries so hard to take away our identity, I know at last that they can’t break us, as long as we have each other.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh we had debating last night (yes, got home at 10.30, wen to bed at about 12, and then had to wake up again at 6 for volleyball  God, I get so tired……………*_* Jade and Shelly are going to have to teach me the art of staying psychotically awake in the morning (apparently it just takes toast to unleash the psychotic in us! 😀
Anyways, I can’t believe that we have past the middle of term (yes, a friends mum was counting the days off and now we’ve past the middle section, now we are on the count down as opposed to counting up).
And I finally got a job (monies for food :D). I work for a Chinese guy at the local handimarket place, I arrive all dressed up ready for working at the counter AAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD they get me stacking drinks for 2 hours  -_-  ANNNNNNNNDDDDDD he thinks all Australian kids are lazy.. so he paid me for one hours work……. racist *sigh* And to think I could be washing dobies instead, working at Domino’s is starting to look really good….. or Sanity, or Big W, or just anywhere else would be great….. now to actually hand in an application….
Anyways, enough about work, school which involves study is work enough for me 😀
Anyways, English monologue soon Mine begins off- "No I think you should just calm dow-.. hey! I really don;t think that is appropriate!… Don’t you abuse me!… I wa- What?… Yes, I am happy with my current mortgage… No, I’m really not interested.. No, j- HEY!….. What? OK. Yeah alright, love you too Mum. Bye *click*
PS. "…" refers to when someone else is talking to him on the phone, just in case you just thought my character was just a really………. slow… talker…. like….some……people…
It’s a work in progress, I’m working on it
Hmmmmmmm all this volleyball has made moi very hungry, toodles poodles, I think I hear icecream calling my name …. I ❤ everyone <——- w00t i now know what that means 😀
 PS. Yayness I’m bak now fuzzy:P
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh SCHOOL

all this talkin, all this time weve been discussin it, lookin at it like its a lil speck in the distance. Well, it WAS.
And now its actually here. Grade 11. Yes, thats right, were like seniors now
All the lil midgets will be lookin up to us, how freaky?! I for one am going to make full use of midget worshippers (as jade shud too lmao). After weeks of holidayin im actually gunna have to study this year  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i will mourn the loss of bluding in skewl
And no more surfin!!!!!!
Or swimmin!!!! Wait, i spent all of saturday putting the pool up,. so i spose i can still swim, yayness!!!! Hmmmm Fuzz, were gunna have to organise a party this year, i have a big tennis court an nothin to do with it!!!
O well, from what ive learned from all my friends hu are in grade 12 or older grade 11 is one of the most party filled years . O, just remembered, semi formal this year! Hmmm ill be hiring mine out about a week before the semi, unlike SUM1 *cough* LOU *cough* whos already got theirs . I guess we now have Lous Obsessive Compulsive Dress Buying Syndrome too! Its too late to try and stop it though, approximately half the worlds population is already infected
O well, ill see you all tomoro, hope that each and every one of you had a great holiday!!!!
PS. Tsr if you want me to show you how ask me next time u talk to me on msn, ill walk u through puttin music on ur space.
PPS. We have barbie for Hospo, yay! We’re thinking of making a toy set, its so realistic you even get to watch as she slowls down to try to spell big words  "hello………kids…………..wait………im…….talking… …….too………….fast………..for……..my……….brain……..maybe…. …i………should…….slow………down"
Yes, that was an ACTUAL quote from the ACTUAL barbie
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Merry ex-xmas every1!

Hey, checked my emails and for the first time in about a year i have less than 100 new emails 😛
Chrissie dinner was awezum, i have a greek godmother, we had dinner over there with all the rellies, and seein as how the Greeks catered, the food was, needless to say, SUPERB  I even had some caviar! I feel so poshified now, although i cant see what all the fuss is about, they tasted jus like lil salty rubber balls, and to think ppl pay hunderds of dollars for it! Im gunna see a friend that i havent seen in like 4 years, shell be all growed up since last time, shud b gr8! Neways, wat can i say, been swimmin and surfin. boogie boardin, i almost forgot how much i luv the surf…. almost : P
And dont worry Fuzz, i spoke to the guys hu organised the postage service, they have ur guy, all u have to do now is find him….. the only thing they said was that he was at alexandra headlands….. better start lookin
I hope all u guys (and girlz too, im not THAT sexist……..) had an awesome chrissie, and got everythin u asked from Santa (yes, even the one at Chermside Kiwi). Seein as how i prob wont see ne of u till after 2006 starts (the year of gradde 11, how scary) i hope u all have a great New Years (not too many Vodkas tho, Charlie).
Hopefully we can have another get together b4 skewl starts again, and it will undoubtedly be fairly brutal this year! Neways, in my Christmas bon bon thingy i got a quote, think it is quite deep.:
People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine whe n the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is only revealed if there is a light from within.
Merry ex Xmas every1. and a happy New Year!
luv yaz all (yes even u Lou, in the friendliest way possible of course)
PPS. O welll Kiwi, there may be no Santa but you were able to make up for it with a whole year of nawtiness! :p
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Almost Chrissie :D

WOW, cant believe its almost chrissie
I just got back from being up at Frazer for a week, it was awesome, if a lil bit isolated
It was around 35 degrees every day, but we had a beautiful sea breeze that kept us cool… Well at least until the last day, when we kinda melted….. I saw 3 dingoes, one of them came right up to the car! I love going to the beach especially cos  I can drive the 4WD all over the beach (we almost got bogged once but we managed to escape *hehe*. hmmmmmmmm, o yeah, i also went to Wet n Wild b4 Frazer, went on every ride at least twice (no1 else would go on the double screamer with me…. scaredy cats :P). Neways, apparently i get an early chrissie pressie today, got no idea wat it is yet but im sure to find out soon. O yeah, my cuzzys from jolly ol’ London have come over (havent seen em in like 2 years, its sooo funny, they all sound like poms :P. O yeash, also I’m goin away for 3 weeks or so up the coast, caravaning *why o why*. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy surfin at da beach, but spendin 3 weeks trapped with my sisters aint exactly my idea of fun. So, unless i stay over at my cuzzys who live up da coast, i rob wwont be able to sprechen to u guys for a while ;(. Ooooooo Fuzz/ Lou’s party tomoro night! If its anythin like da last one, it will be awesome.
Luv yaz all, hope you have a gr8 holis and as the big red guy wud say, Merry Christmas, and as….. a french guy wud say, a Hapee Neu Yar!
PS. I found this really freaky thing to do if any of you are bored. The flight number for the first plane that crashed into the twin towers was Q 33 NY. Type this into word, make the font size 48, and change the font type to Windings (just wingdings, not wingdings 2 or 3). Freaky, huh? Theres all these other really weird things which i could go on about, but probably havent got enough room for conspiracy theories….
PPS. The pressie was a boogie board :P. I asked santa for a surfboard, but i guess I was naughty this year
PPPS. Thanx for da gr8 party Lou and Fuzzalicious! Twas awesome! Haooy bday for Tuesday Lou, and happy unbday for all the other days 😛 Make sure that any1 else hu went to da party tells em how gr8 it was, u know wat women are like, they need ppl to state the obvious nd tell em how gr8 it was.
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Close da book on another chapter of our lives

There have been tears, heartbreaks, tantrums, but weve finally completed grade 10. Next year well be grade 11ers.
Lemme jus let that sink in.
Grade 11.]
Weve cried, weve hugged, and overall weve slowly made it through. And lemme just say, grade 10 has been the most special year of school EVER for me. Thankyou SO much every1 in my grade, you truly have made grade 10 a wonderful experience. I could go into specifics, but wont for fear of embarrassin them. Wait, embarrassment?
Sweet, here goes:
Sam: The sexiest tree-hugger i have ever met. You helped me more times than i can count, which is quite a bit.
Kiwi: What can i say? U r such an crazy gal, without u grade 10 wud have been so boring. Ill always rememba u, beudaful 😉
Fuzzy: Lol, once again, crazy as a drunk irishman caught in a rodeo. U made me smile wen i most needed it, nd for dat im gr8ful, beaudaful.
Lou: Thanks for bein so wonderful to me, even if was a bit of a dikhead sometimes, its been gr8 fun havin u with me. Thanks just for bein there…
Fetsy: Thanks so much for bein there for me when i needed it. U really are a true friend
I cud go on all day, but ill get a cramp, so, to everyone else in grade 10: I love you all! You guys are so great,  this year I was actually not lookin forward to the last day (a first).
But anyway, on Monday I’m going to my sisters school to help a lil friend of mine, in grade 2, who has been diagnosed with malignant lung cancer . Sometiems life can be very, very cruel. Because hi family cant pay for the surgery for him, I’m helping to fundraise for him, hes so c00t . Hes such a lil champ, I will try to get some photos of him on here soon, when dads finished with the camera…..eventually.
Lol, neways, i hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, Merry Christmas if I dont see you b4 then, but I shud try to get a get together over the holis.
Luv Yaz
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Hmmm, lately I’ve been saying goodbye alot.
goodbye to my grandad, goodbye to some family members who are going back to Darwin, goodbye to a close firned, and now goodbye to grade 12ers. It might seem like it;s the end, and many tears were shed about their leaving, but you have to realise that its never the end, its really just the beginning.
And so, to commemorate some of the best people that i know around, I included a song (which my sister had to do for school, and i found the words for eventually. Funny thing is, rosemary (in yr 12) sang the same song and had it on her space too.
O well, enough about how great the yr 12ers are, we all know that already ; )
It seems we’ve been together forever
And it seemed that we might never have to part.
But now the time has come to say farewell to you my friends,
The time has come to make a brand new start.
We travelled down this long road together.
We had some ups and downs along the way,
But that has all prepared us for what is now in store:
The future is a road that starts today.
It’s time to go, it’s time to say goodbye
I really thought that it might never end.
But maybe someday, if we’re lucky,
Our paths will cross again.
Until that day we’ll say farewell my friends.
Remember how we shared all the good times,
Remember all our hopes and dreams and fears.
Although today we’re parting, we’ll never be alone:
We’ll carry all the memories through the years.
It’s time to go, it’s time to say goodbye.
I really thought that it might never end.
BUt maybe someday, if we’re lucky,
Our paths will cross again.
Until that day we’ll say farewell my friends.
It’s time to go, it’s time to say goodbye.
I really thought that it might never end.
But maybe someday, if we’re lucky,
Our paths will cross again.
Until that day we’ll say farewell my friends,
My friends, until that day we’ll say farewell my friends.
We’ll say farewell my friends.
I hope everyone leaving school this year (Sam included :P) has a great life, with many happy memories of their years spent with us as they journey out into the real world 😀
Have fun,
I luv each and every one of you.
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Not only do I have lotsa bdays coming up, I also got some partys! Yay! Hmmm i wonder if they’ll let me bring strobe lights……. *SEIZURES FOR ALL!*
Oooo i just realised that now i get a star next to mi name
*<—similar to that one, but lil different……..
Anyways, turns out Mitch the Bitch is woman-basher….. grrr knocked Lou over today, if i wasn’t such a damn pacifist (no not a pacifier, thats a dummy) then i would be forced to render his limbs useless for the next few weeks……
Anyways, hope you all have a good last couple of days of school (i noticed that some people have been snappy, comeon, lets have agud finish to the year…. which reminds me, im bringing in a carton of coke for the last day of skewl (comment if your a non-coke person, Ill do what i can for the exceptions). Anyways, hope you all have fun in the not to distant future
PS. Hope the book is helping you Lou, if you want to keep it for a while you can, i think you need it more than me right now
PPS. decided not to include letter in light of recent.. events
This has been another quality post completelyfree of subliminal messKILLYOURPARENTSaging
I luv you all
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Wow, lotsa bdays!

Wow, i just thought about it and realised how many bdays we have at this time.
Theres Fetsys (Nov 10th), lexy’s, beccas, Lous (nov 20*th it turns out, fets 😛 with party on 26th), *K*iwis (Dec 5th, note the capital) and about 10 other people i know outside of skewl that you will have no clue who they are 😛
hmmmmmm if I was to buy everyone who I know who has a bday in November…… inclusive of carwashes and other fundraising events…….. taking into account GST, Income Tax, and several other rather nasty taxes…………
I would be able to pay the debt off by……………….. June 2014 😀
PS. If I forgot to include your bday, please comment and I’ll include them!
PPS. *group hug* u guyz (and gurlz, of course :P) rok!
PPPS Mwahahahaa got u bak Lou for big comment b4 😛
PPPPS. Random thought, why do they call it HIStory. Whats wrong with herstory?
Luv you all
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